New 8th graders

Today is the first day of school for you guys, now I am in Reagan as a 9th grader so far it is easy. Thursday we have a test already in science. At Reagan we have touch screen chromebooks, but I don’t know if it is new or we just have them. I’m really tire right now so I am just putting together a post because I felt like it. So if you were from burdick last year and I know you comment. Also you will probably see me twice this school year because for our tests we get half days so I’ll be there to bust any of you 8th graders that think y’all cold at basketball.  Also if your going to Reagan and you don’t like writing or putting together essays everyday don’t sign up for theatre/film, because you will need to write a 400 word essay every other day.


Make sure Mr. Skonecki reads this


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Saturday basketball game

On Saturday I have my basketball game against Cooper middle school. Not going to lie our team isn’t doing the best that it can. First off we don’t swing the ball and we take too many threes. If we are going to take this many three’s we need to make at least half of them. In our games, the first quarter is always our cold quarter. In the second to the last quarter, we heat up and make at least 75% of our shots. If our team uses Jessie, Patrick, Jesus, and Owen more down low we will be dominating teams by more than 50 points each game.

I’m not saying that our team is bad at shooting three’s or anything I’m just saying we need to make more. This is off topic but the rims at Long fellow aren’ that good whenever I play there I miss all my shots. When I went to the YMCA with Ethan I made 8 three’s in a row. Our team would do a lot better with better rims. So basically our team can’t shoot it’s the rims that suck and we can’t shoot on garbage rims. If you don’t believe me then whatever but this is my opinion and I’m sure I am not 100% right.

So really our team needs to start adapting to the Long Fellow rims and hitting more shots. This next game if I am the point guard I am going to shoot, but I am also going to pass the ball to Pat, Jessie, Owen, and Jesus a lot more. So that we can work on getting more points down low and getting them better in the post.It won’t just help on Offense it will also help on post defense. So hopefully we come out with the win on Saturday. #goburdick

Duncan Donuts

Today Jakob, Patrick, and Owen might be going yo Duncan Donuts, if we don’t go then I might go to Jesus’s house. If we do got to Duncan Donuts then we will probably get a dozen donuts, or a donut or two each. If I do go to Jesus’s house the we will probably play 2k, fifa 17, etc. Whoever wants to come and has money they are welcome to come. Don’t comment because I never look at my comments 😂 .

Rubiks Cube

For the past few days there have been people with a Rubik’s Cube. I don’t know how they find it amusing, too me it is a frustrating and complicated cube. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use it if you like it, I’m just saying I don’t recommend it to people that get frustrated easily. Honestly no one can figure that out without looking it up or taking the stickers off and putting them back on. If you do like the Rubiks cube and have a good time with it then there is something wrong with you or you love frustrating yourself and hard challenges.


Yesterday was the most frustrating practice all year. We missed wide open layups, shots,and more hopefully before the game we get our head straight. Honestly were not going to win a lot of games by missing all those shots. On our team we have to many people who want the ball. Patrick and I think that the pressure will get to the them and they won’t want to have the ball as much.

If you don’t have a schedule view it here.